Anonymous asked:

So wait if you LIVE with Zim then who were you texting? Was that your sister or some other friend we haven't met yet (Dipper or Mabel maybe...?) or was that before you moved in with Zim?

That was before I moved in with Zim. I moved at the start of this summer, after I realized my problems with dad weren’t going to get better.

zeno666 asked:

Did you go to Gravity Falls, Oregon?


I’ve only been once, I stayed for a week when I was twelve. I wanted to go ‘cause I had heard a lot of paranormal spooky stuff going on there. Dad didn’t even notice I was gone, haha… Anyway, I made a few really good friends there, and we went on a bunch of adventures! There was a ton of cool and crazy stuff. Dipper—the guy I met—still writes to me all the time. c:

I want to go back sometime. Maybe during winter break…

quill-scribbles asked:

Do you think you'll ever use paranormal creatures again to fight Zim after the Mortos der Soulstealer incident?

Working with paranormal creatures is my specialty, I’d never give it up! I mean, I rounded up a sentient mass of plasma blobs the other day!


It was really successful!

Though I probably won’t use them against uh, any one specific individual. I’ll just make an army. In case of emergency. Like an alien invasion. YEAH!